How To Never Get Old

There was a time in my life when I though that every day, I’m just getting older and that’s pretty much it.

I actually thought that every new day of my life was just me, another day closer to the day I die.

Crazy right?

Maybe… But I actually thought that!

Then, something interesting happened… I realized that every day I wake up, is the same as every day from my past. Nothing would ever change for me because I was constantly thinking about things not happening in my life.

It’s funny talking about it now and thinking back to those days, but back then, nothing was ever funny to me, it was always gray and sad.

The day I changed, is the day I’ve met Laura.

Back then, I lived in Virginia Beach, with 2 roommates and a dog. We had a nice little place by the beach. Our condo would always be messy, because well… We didn’t care about cleaning it. Most of us worked 2 jobs, and would only come home to sleep.

On one beautiful morning I get a call from my mom… It was completely out of the blue, and she told me that she’s on her way to visit me. She just crossed the city line and will be at our place in about 20 minutes. Needless to say that when my mom entered our beautiful place, she almost had a heart attack.

I have immediately called one of my roommates whom I was paying rent to, and asked to get a cleaning service over ASAP!

About 2 hours later I get a knock on the door, and outside there was Laura. She was the owner and only employee. Her Virginia Beach house cleaning company was just being born. She was the face of her business, and let me tell ya… I’ve never seen her face, without a smile on it. I believe that smile is the best representation there is.

I got to know her during the 3 hours she was de-cluttering and cleaning our place. She comes from a poor, hard working family. She has always dreamed about owning her own company and finally, she own it. For the next 3 months we’ve gotten very close and Laura helped me discover who I really am and what I truly wanted in life.

Every since then, there hasn’t been a day where I didn’t appreciate what I have and didn’t look forward to tomorrow.

So… You might be asking now… How do i never get old?

I would say… Find your purpose, your dream and work towards it every day of your life!