Why family is important

Family will always be there for everything. Yes, you will fight sometimes but everything always works out. You celebrate every holiday with your family, the people you love. You play with your sisters and brothers.

You come home from school and you find your parents welcoming you, asking how your day was. There are even holidays for your parents. Mother’s day and Father’s day, is dedicated to your parents and everything they have done for you.  Some people don’t realize how much their parents have done for them.

I feel bad for children without parents. Parents who leave their children aren’t real parents. Parents should provide for their children no matter what. I get that some parents can’t provide for their children, but I feel like they just weren’t trying hard enough. An alternative to having parents that have left you, is staying in a foster home. Some adults, look into foster homes for adopting children. Adopted children should be treated equally. Parents who have adopted children, are truly wonderful people. They have given the gift of family.

Another benefit of having a loving family, is that they show up to all of your activities like sports games, concerts, etc. Your parents provide food, clothes, and a home for you throughout your early, middle, and late childhood. My brothers and sister play video games with me, and I have the opportunity of helping them homework. Sharing time and knowledge, is a value that has been instilled in us, since I can remember.

Thanksgiving dinner is spent expressing how grateful you are for everything your family has done for you. Every family is different however, and therefore celebrate holidays in different ways and with different traditions. Different families, also speak different language and have cultural backgrounds that differs from one to another.

One way my family spends time together is by playing. It doesn’t usually matter which game, as it can range from board games, puzzles, sports, or video games. Other family’s watch movies together, or they might even play outside.

Families all over the world come from different cultures. When families relocate to a different country, it’s natural for them to bring their culture to wherever they are moving to. In the United States, there is a lot of diversity. Sometimes, foreign families are treated differently and unfairly. While this doesn’t make sense to me, discrimination is predominant problem in this country as well as many others.

Personally, my family has had problems with racial comments and prejudice. We choose to ignore them however, in an effort to move on, as that is an inevitable part of life. Getting through these problems together as a family, makes ignoring them easier. At the end of the day, all that matters to me is their love, and support.

My siblings are like my best friends. We always hang out together, and while at times we get into arguments, we understand, that this is a normal part of having brothers, or sisters. We value our time together, because we know that it’s not always going to be like it is now.

As I continue to live, I trust that my relationship with my family gets stronger. Family to me is precious, and no matter what, they will always come first. Perhaps one day, I will have my own family. I will take my children to sports games and concerts, and always be there for them, just as my parents have always there for me.

I particularly love Christmas, because we all get to exchange something special with each other. We go to church together, and that’s always a good way to share time with your loved ones while also having a personal relationship with our creator.

I am excited for what is to come in the future for myself and my family. I am blessed for everything that I have right now. I have excellent memories of my family as I grew up, and I hope that many more are yet to come. I will try my hardest to make my family happy in the future, as I love them with all my heart. Remember to cherish your family always!

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